Day 3 in Madrid

Well I am back again with another update on things in Spain! School has been going well but I am definitely starting to feel a little more stressed as my midterm exams are approaching- however the more relaxed Spanish lifestyle has been treating me well. I didn’t do intense traveling this weekend but my friends … More Day 3 in Madrid

El Escorial

Hello again my friends! I return once again with an update on life and travel here in Spain over the last week. School is starting to feel a little more normal now… but it still hasn’t sunk in yet that I am taking classes! My school group traveled to El Escorial yesterday to see one … More El Escorial

Day 2 in Madrid

Hey friends! I am back with part two of my weekend in Madrid! Saturday morning my friends and I slept in rather late because we stayed up talking and watching the movie interstellar. Two of my friends really enjoy cooking so I awoke to freshly made egg sandwiches with sliced cheese and chorizo. We also … More Day 2 in Madrid

Day 1 in Madrid

Hey everyone! So I spent the last few days traveling and seeing Madrid so I thought it would be easiest to split up this trip into days. The first day I awoke bright and early at 7:00 AM to head to the Fundación to join my classmates on the trip. The one advantage to waking … More Day 1 in Madrid

Experiencing Toledo

Hey friends and family! Europe has been treating me pretty good- today marks 10 days that I have spent here in Toledo, Spain. Slowly but surely I am becoming more accustomed to things and more comfortable with the city. Last Saturday my friend Becca and I decided to take the day to explore a little … More Experiencing Toledo

Cristo de La Luz

I am back again with another quick update! (I swear this post will be much shorter than the last one!) My first full day in Spain was last Sunday and I enjoyed being able to spend this day with my new family (AKA my host family). My mom, grandpa and sisters Ariel and Pilar went … More Cristo de La Luz