Minnesota State Fair

Greetings fellow Minnesotans and others who have happened to stumble upon this post. For those familiar with Minnesota, you are all well aware that “the great get together” started this past week.  Growing up, my parents were never avid fair goers but throughout the years I have spent a few moments at the fair grounds. For … More Minnesota State Fair

My Record Player

To celebrate my 19th birthday this year, my parents purchased me a record player by audio-technica. This particular player was rated very highly on Amazon and was recommended for first time record player owners because it is very user friendly. The set up of the player was actually fairly simple (it only took about 15 minutes … More My Record Player

PVRIS Concert

I am writing this post very late on account of having a busy past couple of weeks. But anyways, about a month ago now, I met up with my good college friend named Ronnie to go to a rock concert in downtown Minneapolis. Ronnie has an excellent taste in music and convinced me to meet … More PVRIS Concert