Back in Minnesota

Hello everyone! Wow it has been about a month since I last blogged… and things have been changing! First off the adjustment back to the United States after 4 months abroad hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. I mean sure, there are days where I miss being in Spain and traveling … More Back in Minnesota

I’m Going to Spain

Hello my lovely friends on this wonderful Sunday morning! Well if you didn’t already get it from the title, I am so extremely happy to announce that for Spring semester 2017 I will be studying abroad in Toledo, Spain! These past 2 months have consisted of a LOT of planning and organizing for this experience. … More I’m Going to Spain

My Record Player

To celebrate my 19th birthday this year, my parents purchased me a record player by audio-technica. This particular player was rated very highly on Amazon and was recommended for first time record player owners because it is very user friendly. The set up of the player was actually fairly simple (it only took about 15 minutes … More My Record Player