Carnaval in Toledo

Hello friends and family! I realized today that I completely forgot to blog about carnaval which is a celebration around Spain and around the world to celebrate the time before the church season of lent (the time leading up to Easter). In the U.S. the main celebration of carnaval is Mardi Gras. This year carnaval fell … More Carnaval in Toledo

Day 3 in Morocco

Here is the last part of my amazing weekend spent in Morocco, Africa! Sunday morning we had another early wakeup time but I didn’t mind because breakfast was tasty. Our tour group boarded the bus and made our way to the last city we would be visiting (and the one I was most excited to … More Day 3 in Morocco

Day 2 in Morocco

A bit of fair warning, this post is going to be very long. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and find a relaxing seat because we will be here a while! I am back with the second day of adventures in Morocco! Our morning began early once again as we had many places to … More Day 2 in Morocco