Back in Minnesota

Hello everyone!

Wow it has been about a month since I last blogged… and things have been changing!

First off the adjustment back to the United States after 4 months abroad hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. I mean sure, there are days where I miss being in Spain and traveling and living a more relaxed lifestyle… but at the same time I feel more comfortable being back in my home culture. The reverse culture shock hasn’t hit me that hard, if at all.

Things were pretty busy once I returned! I started my summer internship with The Arc Greater Twin Cities, a nonprofit that serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I have been learning the ropes the past few weeks and so far I am really enjoying getting to learn more about how nonprofits work as well as getting to use some of my Spanish speaking skills! I am doing Spanish speaking outreach for the organization.

More excited news, I have accepted a position as an Account Executive for the CLAgency which is a student run marketing group at the U of M! I will be working with them this upcoming school year by writing articles about faculty and students who are doing amazing work within the college of liberal arts!


Not to mention that throughout all of this my little brother graduated from high school! Congrats Kurtis- you will do great things in the future and I am so proud of you!

Oh and I also turned 20 a few days ago which means I have officially left my teenage years behind me (which I still can’t believe!). I had a really amazing birthday, my boyfriend even surprised me by inviting my family and his to a special dinner, complete with a huge cake! It was a great day.





Finally, as a sort of lifestyle and health update, after returning from studying abroad I have transition into being vegetarian which is something that I am doing not only for my health but the environment. I plan on making more posts about this in the future.


The start of summer has been treating me well and I am very happy to be home and surrounded by my family and friends. Traveling is an amazing experience but nothing really beats the comforts of home.

Worry less and smile more. 



2 thoughts on “Back in Minnesota

  1. I am so happy that you are home with us! Very proud of you with the new jobs and making great health choices for yourself. Love you! Mom


  2. So happy your back and we can see your beautiful face we are so proud of alll you have done and glad your our granddaughter!


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