Day 1 in Barcelona, Spain

Hello everyone!

I am back with an update on life here in Spain! Right now I am on spring break through my international program here in Toledo and most of Spain is celebrating “Semana Santa” or holy week which includes the days leading up to Easter Sunday. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel a little during my spring break- and wow did I see some amazing things! I am so excited to tell you all about my spectacular trip to Barcelona and how I have completely fallen in love wth the city.

I have quite a few days to fill you in on so this will be the first blog post of 6! To give you a little bit of background, Barcelona is located in the state of Cataluña (or Catalunya as written in Catalan) which is an area of Spain where the locals speak Catalan instead of Spanish. However, the languages are pretty similar and for the most part people understood our Spanish perfectly. The city is well known for its unique architecture, art and location close to the ocean.

Starting with the first day, I awoke pretty early to catch my first train to Madrid and then my second train to Barcelona. One thing I will miss about Europe is the convenience of jumping on a train and traveling from one side of the country to the other in a few hours.

I spent the majority of my time in Barcelona with my friend Melanie (otherwise known as Aggie) because we shared a room in an Airbnb together. And let’s be real she’s a pretty cool person! Once we arrived in Barcelona we walked for a good 30 minutes from the station to our Airbnb.

Once we organized our things in the Airbnb, I had a moment to snap a quick picture and admire the amazing view from our window. We had a room on the top floor of one of the tallest residential buildings in the area. The view of Barcelona was breathtaking.

One of the views from our Airbnb

Soon after we were both hungry and we decided to meet up with Ariel, Thomas and Jenny for some lunch. Our walk there was quite beautiful so I had to snap a couple of pictures.

The streets are filled with art



Delicious indian food
Local street artists spray painting the walls

Afterwards we walked around the harbor a bit to get a feel for the city. It was a gorgeous and sunny day.


The beautiful Jenny and I



Some fish looking to be fed


We also walked down La Rambla which is a street filled with vendors and quaint restaurants and cafés.


La Rambla filled with people and vendors
People from Cataluña are very proud of their heritage and their own flag (which is not the same as the Spanish flag)

We also stumbled upon a local market place… always a fun time seeing all the different types of food!

Very expensive bottles of wine


There was so much fresh fish everywhere


Melanie and I tagged along with Ariel, Jenny and Thomas to make a trip to see a sunset over Barcelona. It was incredible and the pictures don’t do it justice but are better than words can describe. We also invested in a few bottles of wine to drink.

I got to sit on a ledge and dangle my feet!



I especially loved my wine



Ariel, Melanie, me, Jenny and Thomas



I forgot to mention at the beginning of the post that I came down with a pretty bad cold last week and I was still fighting it off during the majority of this trip. So after the beautiful views from the mountaintop, Melanie and I decided to return home early for some much needed rest.

Keep a look out for the next few posts!

Worry less and smile more. 


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