Day 5 in Munich, Germany

Hello everyone!

I am back with my final, and probably shortest, post from my trip to Germany! We awoke Tuesday morning feeling very tired from our busy day before but we also wanted to squeeze in one last tour. We had heard that Munich offered free day tours for about 3 hours as long as you made it in time. We quickly decided that we wanted to do the tour and hopped out of bed- not having time to eat breakfast! But luckily we still had a loaf of bread left over from the day before and we snacked on that during the tour.

Here are some pictures from some of the sights we saw:

Germany is known for their cuckoo clocks and Jonathan and I found out on the tour that this government building has a giant mechanical show that takes place during certain hours of the day.


Our guide brought us to a beautiful local market where she explained the history of beer gardens, which Munich is known for.



This plaque is in remembrance of the Night of Broken Glass or “Kristallnacht”, a night when Nazi’s broke glass windows of Jewish shops and synagogues. During WWII Munich was the capital of the Nazi party.
This statue is of Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It is a symbol of the city of Munich and pictured on the right is our tour guide.
The mayor’s most important job is the tap the first keg of beer each year to kick of Oktoberfest
A theater


Called “Monkey Tower” because legend has it that a royal family pet monkey carried a Bavarian baby prince out of his bedroom and onto the roof. They say that the monkey was lured back down with beer (of course).


The central park of Munich

If you are going to Munich I would definitely recommend the free walking tour! After the tour was over, Jonathan and I went to a restaurant for some lunch.



We spent time afterward browsing the local shops and picking up some gifts for our family and friends. We also stopped by a local chocolate shop for some fresh hot chocolate. We picked out our desired flavor or chocolate type and were brought warm milk to mix the chocolate into.




Afterwards we got on a public metro train to head to the airport. We had such an amazing and fulfilling time in Germany and it was definitely bittersweet leaving… however we were both excited to have a few more days to spend together in Toledo, Spain. Not to mention we were both tired as you can tell by this sleepy Jonathan pictured below:

If this doesn’t explain how tired we were then I don’t know what would. 

Worry less and smile more. 



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