Day 2 in Nuremberg, Germany

Saturday morning Jonathan and I awoke relatively early Saturday morning to start planning out a little of our day. It has been quite the experience traveling around Europe and learning how to take things a day at a time- you never know what you mind end up experiencing!

We decided that we would book a bus to Nuremberg which is a city located about two hours south of Berlin. After quickly gathering up our things we caught a taxi and made our way to the bus station. We were both extremely hungry at this point since we didn’t have time to stop for breakfast, luckily there was a local pizza shop next to the bus station.

Jonathan ordered our first pizza in German and thought that he was getting sausage as the meat, but to our surprise it was sardines! Which I had never had on a pizza but actually enjoyed… Jonathan did not. I also claimed that this was some of the best pizza I had ever had, Jonathan again begged to differ.

Obligatory picture. 


After our quick lunch we boarded our bus and made the trek to Nuremberg. Once we arrived we decided to walk around a little because we couldn’t check into our Airbnb until 7:00 pm. Strangely enough we found ourselves in the area of the city with the most attractions and history.

A beautiful cathedral




I love the green topped roofs of the buildings in Nuremberg. 

We decided to gain some energy back at a local cafe and stopped for some refreshments.

Obligatory picture. 
Nothing like a cup of coffee and a fresh panini


I will definitely miss eating fresh baked goods

After our short break we continued walking the beautiful streets of Nuremberg, admiring the sites and finding a few surprises.

Definitely one of the images I get now when I think of Nuremberg




The cute market hosted in the town square every day. 

One of my favorite parts of the day was stumbling upon the Nuremberg castle (which we didn’t even realize we had found until the day after!) The sun was setting as we gazed upon incredibly views of the city from one of the towers.





The German flag as the sun was setting. 

Afterward, we ended up walking a similar route because we needed to go to a theater house in order to meet up with our Airbnb hosts and receive our keys for the night. Along the way, Jonathan spotted a gelato shop and stopped in to get a treat. After Jonathan had ordered the worker asked if I wanted anything and I replied that I was good. To my surprise he prepared an ice cream cone for me and presented it to me- free of charge! One thing I have really enjoyed about Europe is how eager people are to please others. This form of generosity certainly brought a smile to my face.



After the quick ice cream stop we continued toward the theater to meet up with our Airbnb hosts. Our hosts are dancers in a theatrical production in Nuremberg and had a show going on the night that we arrived.


The theater building where our Airbnb hosts work.


Long story short, we waited a little while thinking that our hosts were meeting up with us, when in fact they had left the keys for us to use! We got a taxi and made our way to the address given on the Airbnb website. Another long story short, we didn’t look hard enough around the address given and ended up walking around the street for a good hour and a half trying to find our apartment. Eventually, we stumbled upon it and after difficulty figuring out the three different keys and sliding front door- we made it inside.

Jonathan and I were both very tired at this point but knew that we still needed to get some dinner. We walked about a minute away from our Airbnb to a greek restaurant.




Overall, the day was filled with the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. I have officially fallen in love with the city of Nuremberg.

Worry less and smile more. 


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