Days 2 and 3 in Granada

I am back with the second and third days of my trip to Andalucía! On the second day we got to sleep in a little bit before getting ready for breakfast at the hotel. The place that we were staying at was very fancy and the food for breakfast was pretty great- I especially loved the sliced kiwi.

After eating breakfast we boarded the buses once again to visit Alhambra which is one of the most visited destinations in Spain. The Alhambra is a muslim palace which was built during the time when muslim people made up the majority of the population within Spain. Below I have inserted a plethora of pictures because in order to truly understand and appreciate the beauty of the palace you must see it.


We first walked through a gorgeous garden outside of the palace.
We had a really beautiful view of Granada because the palace is located on top of a hill.


It was a cold and rainy day in Granada but we didn’t let it ruin our time!




A picture of my friends who are in my art class with me. We always have a good time pointing out the architectural structures that we have learned in class while on excursions.


Everything is so incredibly detailed and precise. This is mocarabe decoration.
Muslim art involves a lot of geometrical patterns within their decoration because their religion prohibits them from recreating humans or animals for art.



Becca is my tour group buddy



Every room that we entered left me feeling more in awe and inspired.


These columns are one of the most widely recognized aspects of the Alhambra.


A small little anecdote from our tour that brings a smile to my face is that when we were separated into two different tour groups, my friend Thomas was put in a different group. Becca and I were sad for the beginning of the tour because we kept wanting to point things out to Thomas because he wasn’t there. Then to our surprise he showed up while Becca and I were taking a picture together and we both got super excited. He ended up staying with our tour group for the rest of the tour.

After our tour we were all pretty cold, tired and hungry. We found our way to a local restaurant to grab some lunch. I enjoyed a glass of red wine with cod fish topped with red sauce (super delicioso).


After lunch we were all feeling pretty tired because back in Toledo, this is the time that I usually spend taking my siesta (afternoon nap). We ended up chilling in Melanie’s room and watched Atlantis dubbed in Spanish. It was a very chill afternoon.

After a bit of relaxation we decided to treat ourselves to some ice-cream. We first stopped by a frozen yogurt place, which I thought was absolutely delicious but Jeremy and Becca thought otherwise. The yogurt tasted like real yogurt in comparison to the super sweet froyo that we have in the United States. Therefore, we made our way to a gelato place to get some “acceptable” ice-cream for Jeremy and Becca. I also decided to try some and treated myself a second time to mango flavored gelato.

After the icre-cream we stopped at a El Corte Inglés store which is essential Spain’s large chain department and grocery store. We purchased a few bottles of wine to share for the night and Becca and I attempted to shop for shoes but are having difficulty because we both wear size eleven and it is very uncommon here because the people are more petite and short on average.

Soon after we returned to the hotel to get ready to go out for the night and hung out together in Melanies room while drinking wine. After our little pre-party we got into a cab and headed to a local discoteca for some music and dancing. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip because I had a great time jamming to American music and the venue was absolutely beautiful because it was situated on a hilltop with panoramic views of the Alhambra.

The beautiful Jenny and I


After a while of dancing, Becca and I were getting tired and decided to head back to the hotel around 3:00 AM. I slept very soundly that night.

The next morning I awoke around 9:40 AM and quickly got dressed to head to mass at the cathedral in Granada. I am not a member of the catholic church but really have enjoyed getting to learn more about the catholic religion and view the spectacular structures that were created hundreds of years ago.






After church we had lunch at the hotel before making the long bus ride back to Toledo. Although the trip was short, I am super thankful and appreciative that I had the opportunity to travel to both of these beautiful cities. This is a trip I will never forget.

Worry less and smile more. 


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