Day 1 Córdoba and Granada

Hello friends and family!

I have returned yet again with an update with traveling here in Spain. This past weekend in particular was extremely fun and eventful! Friday morning myself and the majority of my classmates woke up at 5:00 AM in order to board a bus to Andalucía (a southern autonomous region of Spain).

I was definitely very tired on the bus ride considering I didn’t get that much sleep the night before but we stopped for breakfast about halfway to our first destination Córdoba.

Afterwards we made it to the beautiful city of Córdoba where we visited the mosque and jewish neighborhood of the older section of the city.


The mosque was absolutely beautiful as it represented a mix of muslim and catholic architecture.


This semester I am taking an architecture class and it has come in handy whenever I visit grand sites such as this.
The most important part of the mosque with the most detailed decoration.


The structure was originally built as a mosque for the muslim people who lived in this area. The christians conquered the area and converted the mosque into a catholic church. Therefore, the next few pictures demonstrate the catholic influence of the building.

The main cathedral.


I basically just stood in awe of all this beauty the entire time I was there.



We finished our guided tour by walking through the old part of the city and came caross a beautiful location with white walls and green plants.




After our tour we stopped a hotel for a lunch buffet before getting back on the bus to head to Granada. It was pretty late by the time we arrived, we checked into our hotel and had a little bit of downtime before heading to see flamenco dancing.

This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the day because I have been learning about gypsies in class and it was very cool to get to see a part of gypsy culture that my professor had discussed. Flamenco dancing is a part of gypsy culture here in Spain and it is accompanied by very emotional and passionate music. A distinctive feature of flamenco is that the women and men wear heals and stomp very forcibly on the ground to the rhythm of the music. It was mesmerizing.




Afterward, we had a short walking tour and got to see the famous mosque Alhambra off in the distance. My picture definitely doesn’t do it justice but it was a beautiful site to see.


Finally, after our long night we had a break to get some food. My friends and I ended up stumbling upon one of the only restaurants that was open past 12 (which was extremely strange because in Toledo places are open super late). We definitely lucked out because the food was delicious and our waiter was superb, he even gave us dessert on the house.


When we returned to the hotel we were all ready to get some rest.

Keep your eyes open for days 2 and 3 of my trip to Andalucía.

Worry less and smile more. 


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