Day 1 in Sevilla and Morocco

Hello my friends!

It has been a little while since I last posted- life has been going pretty great but busy here in Spain! Almost two weeks ago now, I started experiencing pain in my lower back. Now, I have managed to obtain some prescription medication but before that I pushed through the pain and traveled to Morocco!

Last weekend my two friends and I planned a guided trip to visit a few coastal cities in Morocco for 3 days. Now, anyone who knows me well knows that I am a very studious person and take school seriously but I think Spain has completely changed my outlook on studies. The weekend that we chose to go to Morocco also happened to be the weekend before all of my midterms exams. If there is one thing the Spain lifestyle has taught me, it’s that you have to live life to the fullest- I mean heck when I look back in twenty years am I really going to remember all the time I spent studying for midterms? No, but I will remember having an amazing experience going to Africa for the first time with two of my friends!

Anyways, this crazy African journey began early Friday morning. My friends and I woke up around 6:00 AM and made our walk to Zocodover which is the main plaza in Toledo. There we found a one single taxi which we took to the train station on the outskirts of the city. We boarded our first AVE (fast train) and made our way to Madrid. Once in Madrid we had about a 40 minute wait until we could get on our next train to Sevilla. We took this as an opportunity to get a few snacks and hang out in the cafe at the terminal. We boarded our second train and it took about 2 and a half hours to make it to Sevilla which is a city in southern Spain.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.04.01 AM.png
To give you an idea, this is what our traveling looked like.

Once in Sevilla we took a taxi to the meet-up area where our guided tour bus would come to pick us up. Let me start by saying that Sevilla is a gorgeous city and I am a little sad knowing that I didn’t get to spend more time there. When we arrived it was sunny and quite warm and since we had a few hours to kill we decided to walk around the area nearby.

We started by walking across a bridge over a beautiful river and gazed upon the scenic view.

Afterwards we stumbled upon a park with beautiful tropical trees and stumbled upon the Plaza de España.


There were fruit trees everywhere with oranges and my friend Becca decided to try one because they looked so perfect. To her disappointment they were very sour but the trees were lovely nonetheless.


Would you care for a horse ride in the park?

Soon we started making our way back toward our meet up spot however we were all getting pretty hungry. Fun fact: in Spain lunch time usually starts around 2:00 PM however our bus tour was leaving at 1:00 PM. So we did what any good Americans would do: we ate at a Spain McDonald’s. Another interesting tidbit about this is that McDonald’s updates their menus depending on location- in Spain there are many more options for coffee and postres.

16864571_1602267363123265_5432550675697263039_n.jpg 16831104_1602266996456635_7078307869814897289_n.jpg

After a short lunch we finally boarded our tour bus and started the drive to Algeciras, Spain which is a city located on the ocean of southern Spain.

Once we reached our destination we boarded a ferry that would take about one hour to get us to the northern coast of Africa.

The travel papers I had to fill out.

Finally, after so much traveling our boat made it to Ceuta, Africa which is a Spanish controlled territory in Morocco. We were met by another tour bus and boarded to drive through Ceuta and make our way to the border to enter Morocco officially. The longest part of the day was definitely waiting at the border because we had a fairly large group with us and they needed to stamp all of our passports.

Once officially past the border we had reached Morocco! Yay! We drove for another few hours or so to our hotel in Asilah which is a coastal town on the Western (Atlantic Ocean) side of Morocco.

Once at the hotel we were all very eager to eat dinner and head to sleep. My friends and I were particularly happy to be served bread and olives.


I am going to do two more posts about Morocco so keep on the lookout for those!

Worry less and smile more. 



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