Day 3 in Madrid

Well I am back again with another update on things in Spain! School has been going well but I am definitely starting to feel a little more stressed as my midterm exams are approaching- however the more relaxed Spanish lifestyle has been treating me well. I didn’t do intense traveling this weekend but my friends and I did take a day trip to Madrid to visit the Museo del Prado which is the most well known museum in Spain.

It was quite an experience because we first learned how to take the bus to Madrid (which only costs 5.50 euros) and then took the metro train to get closer to the museum. Before heading to the museum we stopped for a quick lunch at a local restaurant. My host grandma packed me a bocadillo (sandwich) and apple for lunch so all I needed was a drink to accompany my food.

Una cerveza con tapas

I never really tried beer much in the United States but I have been trying different brands here in Spain and the taste is growing on me. I must say that I prefer caña de cerveza (beer on tap) instead of from the bottle.

After a quick lunch we made our way to the museum and were very pleased that we could get into the museum for free because of our student discounts. What I was not pleased with, however, was that I couldn’t take pictures inside the museum. But luckily I can find the images online and insert them in order to paint a better picture (no pun intended).

The museum is huge and filled with classical art pieces dating back thousands of years.

The three artists that I was most excited to see paintings by were Goya, Velazquez and El Greco. Goya’s pieces are particularly dark and seem to demonstrate the negative side of humanity as seen in the images below:

The Executions
Saturn Devouring His Own Son

Velazquez on the other hand, painted a lot of members of royal families. His most famous piece is “Las Meninas” seen below.

One of my favorite parts of the museum was being able to see many well known paintings of Adam and Eve, the Virgin Mary and well known Gods and Goddesses from Greek and Roman mythology.


The Emaculate Conception

Each piece is incredibly impressive in its own way because of all the detail and work that goes into it- not to mention that these paintings are massive and very old. I left the museum feeling very overwhelmed by how amazing these pieces truly are. Classical art has a history and meaning behind it that is hard to recreate today. 

After walking around the museum for a few hours my friends and I stopped by the café in the museum for a coffee break. The coffee here is so rich and strong- I don’t think I will ever be able to drink American coffee again!

Following our time spent in the museum we made our way to Atoche station to purchase tickets for our upcoming excursions and for the train home!


Even though I have visited Madrid a few times now, I know I have only scratched the surface of all there is to see there. However, I am very thankful to have the ability to travel and see new things when I can.

Until next time my friends!

Worry less and smile more.




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