Day 2 in Madrid

Hey friends!

I am back with part two of my weekend in Madrid! Saturday morning my friends and I slept in rather late because we stayed up talking and watching the movie interstellar. Two of my friends really enjoy cooking so I awoke to freshly made egg sandwiches with sliced cheese and chorizo. We also indulged in Spanish coffee and let me tell you that coffee from the U.S. will never meet this level.

After breakfast we decided to go out shopping a bit down calle Gran Vía (the main street in Madrid) to start celebrating Becca’s birthday! I didn’t find anything but it was fun going into all the unique trendy stores and finding lots of rebajas (discounts) on everything! My friends definitely had better luck than me!



After shopping we met up with Griffin because he took a trip to a museum instead of shopping and we searched for a place for la comida (lunch). We stumbled upon a quaint restaurant and had a much better experience this time with the waiter and food quality! (Griffin didn’t eat fish this time!) We ordered the special which included bread, salad, entrée and postre for 10 euros.


After lunch we walked to Jardines del Buen Retiro which is a public park in Madrid. We enjoyed our last few hours of sunlight and watched all the wild cats run around in the park (I swear I saw around 50 cats). We had originally planned on visiting the Prado museum but there was a very long line to enter and we didn’t think it would be worth it to only be able to stay there for an hour.


16265637_1578913272125341_7144314250604098217_n.jpg  16386921_1578913015458700_5535001940226799396_n.jpg
We made a quick coffee run to Starbucks before making the long 30 minute walk back to our apartment to rest up before dinner. For dinner we snacked on homemade tapas consisting of cheese, crackers, bread, chorizo and wine. We talked for a few hours before getting ready to leave for El Teatro Kaptial. This is the largest discoteca in Madrid and consists of 7 levels, each with its own theme.

We left our apartment around 11:45 PM and walked another 30 minutes over to Kapital. Let me tell you- this place was packed. The discoteca is the place to be for younger people during the weekends. Normally this club costs 30 euros for a ticket but a friend of mine gave me a coupon for 17 euros and two free drinks (what a deal!).

We had a really fun night filled with dancing, laughing and running into other students on our program. The night ended with us dancing in a mosh pit on the first floor of the club. I enjoyed when they would dump confetti on the group.

We didn’t return to our apartment until 6 AM but that is pretty typical for people here in Spain. The streets here are never empty at anytime of day or night.

I am really enjoying myself here and love learning about Spanish culture and phrases. Although some days it feels like I am not improving much, I know that ultimately I am learning more than I think. While waiting in line for the bathroom at Kaptial, a native told me that I spoke Spanish very well and it was cool talking to her because she was a Spanish speaking native who was learning English. It’s moments like this where I am reminded of how far I have come from not knowing Spanish at all 6 years ago, to now being able to navigate places in a foreign country in a language that is not my native tongue.

I am looking forward to updating you all this upcoming week after I travel to El Escorial with my school group this Friday!

Worry less smile more.



3 thoughts on “Day 2 in Madrid

  1. Sounds like you have wonderful friends and your experiences are so great you are learning a lot and you will remember all of this forever how great is that?
    We are all good grandpa and I are going to Oklahoma today for 10 days a bit wRmer and then he goes back to Florida to help his dad and Simon and I will stay here and I’ll go to all the basketball games!
    Love you and you sure look like it all agrees with you
    Take care kiddo!!!!

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