Experiencing Toledo

Hey friends and family!

Europe has been treating me pretty good- today marks 10 days that I have spent here in Toledo, Spain. Slowly but surely I am becoming more accustomed to things and more comfortable with the city. Last Saturday my friend Becca and I decided to take the day to explore a little more of Toledo together.

We began the day by eating lunch (la comida) at a restaurant that was recommended to us by my host mom called Alfileritos 24. We went to eat lunch at around 1:30 PM which is funny because for Americans this would be considered a late lunch but to our surprise we were too early to order lunch items off the menu. But it all worked out because wine and appetizers (vino y tapas) are always a good option here in Spain. We indulged in bread, guacamole and venison.


Two fun facts about eating in Spanish restaurants: first you don’t have to tip any more than 10% and you don’t have to tip for drinks, second you must ask the waiter for the bill because they will not just bring it to you.

A short funny story involving this is that I mistakenly asked the waiter for the “cuento” (which means story) instead of “cuenta” (which means bill)!

After our lunch Becca and I walked to the Northwestern side of the city to go zip-lining (montar un tirolina)! I am all for doing cool experiences like this and it was a pretty cool deal- only 10 euros for 2 rides and you could upload free pictures of the experience from online. Not to mention that this zip-line is the biggest city zip-line in Europe! 


¡Buen viaje amigos!

We ended our day by joining our other friends here and attending a local discoteca (basically a dance club and bar) called La Nuit. Since we are studying abroad our entrance into the club was completely free and the drinks were also relatively cheap (1 euro for a cerveza- beer).

Soon this discoteca was filled with other people around our age- it definitely is the place to be for young people in Toledo. We got to the club at around 12:30 PM and were some of the first people in. According to my host mom, it is common for clubs to start filling up at around 1:30 AM because Spaniards often stay up later than Americans when partying or celebrating. Another interesting point is that Spaniards listen to a lot of American music, which was something I wasn’t expecting going into it- but also made it fun because my friends and I could sing along to the songs!

I didn’t end up getting home until around 5:00 AM that night! It was definitely tiring but so worth it. 

I have overall been feeling immense love from the people here in Spain and I am so thankful. I am looking forward to next weekend because my friends and I will be staying in Madrid for a few days!

My fellow classmates at the Fundación here! We have a group of girls from Puerto Rico hence the flag in the front.

¡Hasta luego!

Worry less and smile more. 


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