Cristo de La Luz

I am back again with another quick update! (I swear this post will be much shorter than the last one!)

My first full day in Spain was last Sunday and I enjoyed being able to spend this day with my new family (AKA my host family). My mom, grandpa and sisters Ariel and Pilar went to Sunday mass together (la misa). It is interesting because my grandma was telling me that you can essentially go to mass at anytime here because there are so many churches nearby. For me this experience was very interesting because I am Lutheran and I haven’t attended many Catholic services before. The church that we went to was only a few minutes away from our home and was very beautiful and well preserved on the inside.

After church my mom and grandpa walked Ariel and I around the area close to our home. My grandpa was explaining to us that one of the reasons that the roads are so twisty and hard to navigate here is because they were originally built as part of a defense mechanism. Essentially it was difficult for invaders to attack because it was a confusing design. They brought us to an old mosque built by muslims who were the first group of people to inhabit this area. This mosque is called “Cristo de la Luz” (Christ of the Light in English).

My grandpa explained the name which comes from a legend that the king of Spain traveled to this location. The horse he was riding broke his knee and caused the King to stop his traveling. He then saw a light and followed this light to find a figurine of Christ which had been hidden for centuries. Hence why the mosque is now called Cristo de la Luz.

After taking this short tour my mom and grandpa graciously brought us to a local bar close to our house for wine and tapas (small plates- appetizers that you eat with alcohol).

Whoever made this bike with a wine holder is my new best friend! Ha!

I really am loving it here a lot. People have all been very welcoming and I am very thankful.

Worry less and smile more. 


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