My Thoughts Before Studying Abroad

Hello friends!

I can’t believe that the day is almost here! After 6 months of careful planning and consideration- I am about to embark on my long awaited study abroad experience! I have never been so excited/nervous/anxious/thrilled/happy in my life. I thought it would be nice to take a little time to procrastinate on packing and reflect on how I am feeling before starting this amazing journey.

First off, I am feeling incredibly thankful for the people in my life who had made this possible. My parents for encouraging me to travel and pursue my passions as well as supporting me financially. I can never express my gratitude enough. My past Spanish professors and teachers who have taught me this beautiful language and have opened the doors for this opportunity. My family and friends who have graciously gifted me with words of wisdom, money and love. I can’t say thank you enough.

Next comes the adventurous side of me who can’t wait to see beautiful places that I have never been to and meet amazing people whom I have never known. I am excited to finally meet my host family and get to know the leaders of my program whom I have been corresponding with for the past few months. I realize that it is such a privilege to be able to travel anywhere in this world and I am immensely thankful to be able to do so now.

However, as with most things, exploring one place means leaving the other behind. I will miss my loved ones very much during this experience. Four months sounds like a long time but I must also remind myself that it is not forever.The people that I love back at home will still be there waiting for me when I return and we will not be out of touch.

As for worries (there are many) but I am doing my best to go into the experience with an open mind and heart. I truly believe that things happen for a reason in life and even though I worry a lot- I know things will be alright.

Finally, I am feeling excited to learn more Spanish while abroad. This will be my first time living with a host family and I can’t wait to meet them and get to know them. The culture of Spain will be different than what I am accustomed to- but I feel ready to embrace this new adventure.

If anyone wants to reach me abroad feel free to add me on What’s App (a text messaging application) or message me on Facebook for more ways to talk.

With my bag packed, tickets printed and passport ready- I am finally headed to my destination! The next time you hear from me I will be posting from the beautiful city of Toledo, Spain.

¡Hasta luego mis amigos!

Worry less and smile more. 


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