What I’m Bringing to Spain

Hello friends!

It is officially four days until I leave for my study abroad trip to España for a semester! I have never had to pack for a four month stay before so I have spent quite a bit of time picking out what I want to bring with me for the duration of the experience.

First, here are a few items that I will be bringing with me that my family, friends and boyfriend purchased for me as going away gifts.

The far left shows electrical converters and adapters which I will need to use my electrical devices while in Europe. The center shows a deck of playing cards (universally understood as said by my boyfriend) and a travel journal gifted to me by my dear friend Amber. My mother picked out the basic scarf and gloves as it is a little chilly in Spain this time of year. Sunglasses are also a must. Then I have a basic set of soap and lotion, along with a blow up headrest for the plane ride there.

If you are planning on traveling abroad, one thing that I would most certainly recommend is bringing a money belt and sleeve holders for your credit cards and passports which prevent thieves from stealing your sensitive information.

I purchased this money belt from the brand Meedo and you can find it on Amazon here.

I will be bringing two carry on bags, one is a backpack and the other is a basic throw bag that is often used for weekend trips (I will also put a few essentials in there in case my checked bag arrives late or gets lost). I plan on using both of these for short excursions when in Spain. I am also bringing one purse and one small backpack that has a water bag which will be helpful for travel.

In addition, I will be bringing my GoPro for video and picture taking.

Finally, my checked bag looks like this:


I am bringing only clothes that I love and I am comfortable wearing and the bare necessities for shoes, jewelry, makeup and skin care. Since I will be traveling around Europe after my program I want to ensure that I won’t have too much luggage to drag around! (Plus giving myself more space allows me to purchase more things abroad!) I still have more to pack but I am happy that the majority of my things are ready to go.

I am feeling super anxious but also very ready for this change in my life. I want to thank all the people who have supported me in this decision.

¡Viva España!

Worry less and smile more. 


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