Sophomore Year Dorm Tour

Hello y’all!

So it occurred to me a few days ago that since I will be studying abroad in Spain this spring, my time in my dorm room will soon be coming to an end. This year I had the privilege of living in 17th Avenue which is the newest dorm on the University of Minnesota campus. So without further ado, let me welcome you to my humble home.


This is what it looks like when you first enter my room. As you can see in the picture, the ceilings in this dorm are super high which is nice because it makes the room feel more spacious than it actually is.





First I have my closet which is pretty spacious for a dorm closet. I try my best to keep it well organized but some days that just doesn’t happen (hence the mess I have created here)!








Next I have your typical dorm essentials involving food. I have a fridge which was kindly given to me by my Aunt Becky (shout out to her!) also my microwave and coffee maker. I would highly recommend purchasing the kit next to the coffee maker. That container contains two plates, bowls, and cutlery and it comes with that container which is easy to wash. You can find it at Target in the dorm essentials section.








Pictured left you can see my main wall where I hang up various posters, pictures and sayings. I figured that since I would only be living in this dorm for one semester, it wasn’t worth it to go all out this year! However, I still love how this wall turned out and it helps me feel a bit more at home when I’m at school. I use the two white  containers pictured to store all my food and dish sets.








Here you can see my lofted dorm bed. For space purposes I once again kept my bed bunked like this to allow room for my desk and chair below. Although it can be a pain going up and down all the time, I would recommend it to optimize your limited space.









My favorite part of my room is coming up! It begins with this little windowsill where I keep my succulents and air plants. They are enjoying their new home









Underneath my bed I have hung a tapestry that I got off of Amazon for cheap (it doesn’t really match my bedding or any of my accessories but I enjoy mixing and matching patterns). My parents invested in the chair pictured on the right as a place for guests to sit when they come to visit.





















My desk is by far my favorite part of my room even though I don’t spend much time sitting there to do homework (I find it best to go other places in order to focus better).























Finally, here is a view of the whole desk put together. It makes for a nice atmosphere with the addition of the Christmas lights (thank you grandma Mary!).







Well my friends that is all I have to show you for today! Thanks for taking the time to see my room and I hope you stop by to visit me sometime within the next month before I move out.

Worry less and smile more. 


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