Humble Cup in Minneapolis

The coffee bar is tucked away in the corner of the room and organized beautifully

Hello all my wonderful friends!

This past week has been- you guessed it- stressful as usual! Mostly because I am:
A. very busy with school work.
B. very busy with club affiliations that I am involved with.
C. very busy trying to make time to sleep, eat, workout, see my friends, see my boyfriend and see my family.

Ah what a great life it is!

Earlier this week I was cramming for my first Social Theory exam (let me tell you that studying for this was absolutely horrid). In order to provide some ease and relaxation I decided to try a new coffee shop and get some much needed studying done as well.

I haven’t explored much of the area surrounding the West Bank campus at the University of Minnesota so I figured Humble Cup would be a great place to start.

Let me start by saying that the coffee here is top notch. I was pleasantly surprised by the rich taste of my iced mocha. Super delicious!

Secondly, the atmosphere of Humble Cup is so homey (and for those like me who are always looking for a power outlet there are lots of options here). The atmosphere is ideal for studying in my opinion- the background music selection is nice, the decorative features are soothing, and there smell of coffee is revitalizing.


Thirdly, the art hanging on the walls of the shop were very beautiful pieces. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at them closer when I had to take a mental break from studying.

I know I will be returning to Humble Cup next time I am in the area for some chill vibes and delicious coffee.


Worry less and smile more. 


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