Review of Caroline by Aminé

Happy Monday friends!

Today I will be doing another song and music video review! As many people have probably heard it because of its recent popularity, today I will be reviewing the song Caroline by Aminé. 

Disclaimer: The song associated with this music video is explicit and is only intended for audiences of more mature ages. The themes and ideas present in this song do not necessarily reflect my values or beliefs, I value the beauty of reviewing art.

Starting with the music video- It seems that this was a pretty low budget video. I actually find that by spending less money the video is more effective and the relaxed nature of the video fits with the song. It reminds me of something that I used to do with my brother and sister when I was young, we would make videos together and then edit them later (don’t forget to watch the bloopers during the rolling credits of this music video). This video is also super effective at making me want to get up and jam with the music, the men featured in the video look like they are having a great time together.

As for the song itself, the sound is definitely unique when compared to other rap or club artists that I have been listening to recently. According to an interview of Aminé, he wanted the song to become into a more modern version of something comparable to “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson.

You probably find yourself asking, who is Caroline? Aminé stated that Caroline represents a handful of women that he has met in his life that he could have seen himself pursuing further.


Another question that you may be asking yourself is, what is a Tarantino movie? Since this genre was created before my time, I myself had to look it up. Tarantino movies are those created by Quentin Tarantino who is probably most famous for his film “Pulp Fiction” which came out in the 1994 (yup before I even existed on this earth). If you look closely in the music video, you will see that Aminé is sporting a “Pulp Fiction” shirt as a tribute to that lyric from his song. 

Something that I really appreciate from this song is the background music and the way it works off the lyrics. The instruments that you hear are not what you would typically expect from an artist of this genre. It is refreshing and exciting.

If you are looking for a new jam to add to your “going out playlist” or you need to listen to something unique- definitely check out this song. I would highly recommend it.


Worry less and smile more. 


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