Seeing Bernie Sanders at the U of M


Hello my friends!

The semester is definitely in full swing at this point, with midterms and essay deadlines quickly approaching- I have been juggling a lot! However, I believe it is always important to find time to do things that you enjoy. One thing that I personally love doing is experiencing new things! Yesterday I had the privilege of going to Northrop at the University of Minnesota campus to listen to Bernie Sanders and a variety of other important Minnesota legislators speak about supporting social change through voting. 

For those of you who know me well you already know and for those who don’t I am about to tell you- I love Bernie Sanders and his ideals with all my heart. Many people I know are upset and frustrated that he did not receive the democratic nomination for this election (trust me I am in that crowd too). But I think we fail to realize that this election can not solely be based on voting for a person that you like, but who you think will be able to enforce the beliefs and changes that our society needs. 

Bernie spoke at the gathering about the importance of supporting democratic candidates from the top-down on the ballot. We must unite together to show the world and the rest of America that racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and basically any other “ism” will NOT be tolerated here.

The Trump campaign is based on hate and fear tactics that are instigating further division within our country. At the crucial state that our nation is in right now, getting him elected would be a major setback for any efforts made to promote social equity. Our country can not afford a Trump presidency. 

I believe in an America where all people regardless of their status or background have the opportunity to succeed. Right now Trump is promoting barriers (figuratively and literal) to prevent this goal from happening.

Well I am going to tell you something. I will not stand for that. 


When I vote this year in my first presidential election, I will be voting for Hillary. I will be voting to prevent the chaos and hatred that will accompany a Trump presidency. I will be voting to protect the rights of those that I hold dear and close to my heart, especially my friends who identify as LGBTQ, as people of color and women such as myself.

At this point the stakes are too high in this election for us to be picky about who we would prefer to be in office. Hillary is the only candidate who can beat Trump now and we must accept that. 

So when you think about who you will be voting for this year, remember the people that you love and how your decision at the polling place could impact them in the long term for generations to come. I know that this will be in the back of my mind.

Love trumps hate my friends. Thank you Bernard Sanders for instilling a sense of hope and pride in the American people once again.

The photographic evidence that Bernie waved at me through a window. My life is complete!

Worry less and smile more. 


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