I’m Going to Spain

Hello my lovely friends on this wonderful Sunday morning!

Well if you didn’t already get it from the title, I am so extremely happy to announce that for Spring semester 2017 I will be studying abroad in Toledo, Spain!

These past 2 months have consisted of a LOT of planning and organizing for this experience. I am hoping to do a blog post at some point about all my tips for applying for studying abroad, picking your program, etc. For now I just want to give you some basics about my program and what is in store for me next semester!

I am currently a double major here at the University of Minnesota, studying Spanish Studies and Sociology. I personally haven’t had much experience talking or interacting with native Spanish speakers, despite the fact that I have been learning the language for 7 years now! I knew that when I picked my program that I wanted to have a more authentic studying abroad experience where I could practice my speaking and learn more colloquial Spanish. 

The Toledo program is University of Minnesota affiliated, meaning that courses are more likely to be transferable and the advising staff is more familiar with the program itself. In Toledo, I will be staying with a host family and attending classes at a school that caters to other students studying abroad in Spain. My program also has an internship option which I have applied for and will interview for once I am in Spain!

Although the thought of leaving the United States (the only country I have ever called home) for four months makes me anxious, I couldn’t be more ecstatic and thankful to have this opportunity. Living in Spain will definitely push me out of my comfort zone and help me gain confidence in my knowledge of the Spanish language.

I am hoping to still post regularly while I am in Spain with updates and pictures from the trip! Until then, I still have a few months of schooling at the U of M before this crazy adventure begins.

I want to thank my parents for supporting me in this decision, all of my previous Spanish teachers and professors for instilling in me a love of hispanic language and culture, and my advisors at the University who are always there to answer all of my questions (and I ask a lot!).

I will be posting more information about my studying abroad process and what to expect at a later date. But until then, happy Sunday everyone!
Holidays in Toledo, Spain.jpg

Worry less and smile more. 




3 thoughts on “I’m Going to Spain

  1. Hello! I am a student at the University of Minnesota Duluth and I am currently studying abroad in Bilbao, Spain! I have visited Toledo and I must say you have picked a wonderful and beautiful city to call home for Spring Semester! Let me know if you would like any tips or advice on anything related to studying abroad in Spain! 🙂

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