Goodbye Espresso Exposé

Being a college student means that I have spent my fair share of time sitting in a coffee shop. The University of Minnesota campus is so diverse and offers a large selection of shops to choose from. Last year when I lived in the superblock area, I became very familiar with a local place called Espresso Exposé. Not only was the location super convenient from my dorm, but it also was a place where my friends and I could meet up for study dates.

I think you can begin to understand my feelings of disappointment and sadness when I heard a few weeks ago that Expo was closing along with several other local businesses in order to make room for more student housing. 

It is hard for me to get over the fact that small businesses often times can be taken over by larger corporations. I place a lot of value in quaint little shops like this one, where things seem to be more authentic. More real.

Despite my sadness, my boyfriend and I made a trip to the coffee shop one final time a few days ago.

I don’t know why but being there was a subtle reminder to me of how quickly things in our life can change. We don’t know how long certain people will be with us or how much time it will be until our favorite local shop closes. It served as a reminder for me to step back every once in a while and really appreciate the people and places that I have in my life right now. 

Thank you Espresso Exposé for the memories and the long hours spent together while I crammed for my Psych 1001 exam. You truly will be missed.

Worry less and smile more. 


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