My Record Player

To celebrate my 19th birthday this year, my parents purchased me a record player by audio-technica. This particular player was rated very highly on Amazon and was recommended for first time record player owners because it is very user friendly.

The set up of the player was actually fairly simple (it only took about 15 minutes to get the player itself ready to go). The longest step was connecting the player to the speakers pictured on the right and left sides of the record player.

My record player sits nicely on my dresser next to my plant (note the awesome Star Wars poster in the left picture).

As for basic functions of the player, I believe this one can connect to a computer if you want to play music off of your laptop (however I have yet to figure this process out!). So far I have just been having fun playing records. The process is very simple, you select the record you want to play and place it on the turntable. Next you pick the record size and speed (there are only two options for this- one is for 45’s and the other for 33’s). After that you select the start button and the player automatically moves the needle to the correct spot and begins playing the record. 


There is also a stop button which will move the needle off the record and back to the resting position.

As for sound quality, I am so amazed by unique sound that you get off of records. Growing up in a time period of digital sound, I have never heard music in this way before and have gained a deep appreciation for this technological advancement in history. 


My dad gifted me with probably around 200 sized 45 records that he has kept over the years from his childhood and from his mom’s collection. I have had a really great time going through his old 45’s and playing 80’s music that he enjoyed when he was around my age. I have about ten of the larger records (the 33’s) in my collection right now- but that number will hopefully be growing soon.

I still need to purchase holders for all these records in order to keep them in nice condition. At some point when I have things more organized I am going to do a post about my vinyl collection (and some of my favorite records) so be on the lookout for that!

Happy listening my friends.

Worry less and smile more. 


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