Response to “7 Harsh Realities of Life Millennials Need to Understand”

I was browsing the internet a few days ago when I stumbled across this article posted by The title of the post being, “7 Harsh Realities of Life Millennials Need to Understand.” Intrigued by this viewpoint I decided to read on further and today I would like to give my opinion regarding the several points discussed in the article. If you would like to read the original page I will link it here

The italics below are direct quotes pulled from the article. 

  1. “Your feelings are largely irrelevant.”  I find this statement to be particularly upsetting given that suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States and about 1/5 Americans suffers from mental illness each year. I find it very ignorant for the authors of this article to state that your personal feelings are largely irrelevant. The articles goes on to further state that we should “stop playing the victim card”. I am completely appalled. If you are struggling with something or you feel like you are not being treated fairly, I expect you to be able to talk about it! People do care and YOUR FEELINGS ARE IMPORTANT.
  2. “You can not be whatever you want to be.” I will admit that our current political and social systems in the United States do not make it easy for many individuals to achieve their personal goals, however I honestly believe that if you strive to be someone in this world you can do it! 
  3. “Gender studies is a waste of money.” The article states that through this education you “learn how to be a professional victim”. This could not be further from the truth. I believe that through more proactive social courses such as Gender Studies, people will become more educated about important issues plaguing our world today. If you want to pursue Gender Studies and work to improve these systems don’t let anyone stop you!
  4. “If you live in America, you already are in the 1%” I recognize that the United States is very privileged when compared to a majority of the world, however that does not mean that we don’t have our own set of problems within our country. Our wealth distribution is immensely skewed and this is creating problems for a high percentage of Americans (mainly falling on the middle class). If you want to watch a really interesting video on this topic click here.
  5. “You don’t have a right to it just because you exist.” Actually yes you do, it’s called basic human rights. There is nothing wrong with wanting more government supported programs to help support those that are born into situations they can’t control.
  6. You can’t demand people to accept your lifestyle.” Although this statement is technically true, it doesn’t give you a right to spread unnecessary hate toward others just because you don’t agree with their lifestyle. 
  7. “The only safe place is your home.” This statement in itself angers me. Everyone deserves to feel safe inside and outside of their home in this world. Although our current systems may not support this idea, we should work toward having a better environment that allows for people to feel safe wherever they choose to go.

Well, those are my opinions. If anyone would like to add to my statements or have a different view please leave your thoughts in the comments below. Discussion is one of the best ways to gain understanding from one another. 

Worry less and smile more. 


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