PVRIS Concert

I am writing this post very late on account of having a busy past couple of weeks. But anyways, about a month ago now, I met up with my good college friend named Ronnie to go to a rock concert in downtown Minneapolis. Ronnie has an excellent taste in music and convinced me to meet him to see PVRIS (pronounced Paris) which is a group that I had never heard of before.

As usual, Ronnie and I had a lot to catch up on while waiting in line to get into the concert. Crazy how much you can miss out on someone’s life after not seeing them for a month!

The venue where the concert was hosted had really nice interior designing (despite the fact that this was a standing concert so we had to stand for about 2 hours listening to openers before PVRIS even took the stage!) And don’t let me forget to mention that tickets for this concert were cheap (as in 10 dollars!).

I had never been to a concert set up in this fashion before and let me tell you that it was quite an experience (and who would you rather try new things with than your best friend?) It was nice to have a night to let loose with my friend and dance with a crowd of other beautiful souls. 


I did enjoy the opening acts but once PVRIS took the stage I knew that I had fallen in love with a new band. There sound is very unique in this day and age, it reminds me of a more edgier 80’s rock style.


If you are interested in checking out their stuff, I will insert their Spotify link here.

I want to note that the lead singer Lyndsey Gunnulfsen is an extremely talented vocalist (as in she sounds better live than in her recordings).

Overall the concert was amazing and it was great to spend time with Ronnie (I have been missing my friends from college very much during this summer break).

Worry less and smile more. 


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