Happy Fourth of July

I already mentioned it in the title but Happy Fourth! I hope you all are enjoying this holiday with family and friends, possibly barbecuing or hanging out in the sun (we are having a beautiful day here in Minnesota).

So here’s a little history lesson for you in case you have forgotten! The fourth of July commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Our 13 original colonies decided to part ways from Britain and become the United States of America. The day is now used to celebrate the U.S. government and its citizens often times through fireworks, parades and family get togethers.

One fun thing that my sister, dad and I did to celebrate the fourth was going to a Twins baseball game a few nights ago. It works out pretty great that the Twins team colors are red, white and blue! Although we didn’t pull out a win, there was a fireworks show following the game. I’ve never seen fireworks over a baseball field like that before- it was beautiful.

Although the fourth of July is a celebration of gaining our independence, we also must not forget other crucial perspectives of this part of history. The first being the men and women who have fought in defense of our country (and still do so today). The second being Native Americans and Native Mexicans who died trying to defend the land that the rest of us now call home, or the African Americans who were forcibly brought here. Together, we must work to be sensitive and understanding to all people who live united in these 50 states today. 

Personally, what I think makes America great is that we have a mixture of cultures, identities, ethnicities and races. There is no single background that defines us. Although there are many shameful and disgraceful parts of our history, there also have been many triumphs. I believe that we will be able to achieve even greater things in the future if our goal is to improve the lives of all members of this country.

So as you enjoy gazing upon some fireworks tonight or you spend the day with friends, keep in mind the significance of this day and how the actions of our ancestors have significantly impacted the country that we live in today.

Worry less and smile more. 


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