My Favorite Netflix Shows

With my freshman year of college being done, I now have more time to catch up on some of my favorite Netflix shows. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

  1. That 70’s Show- This show never fails to make me laugh! The show takes place in, you guessed it, the 70’s and centers around a teenage friend group. However, the characters that I find most entertaining are the main parents on the show (Red and Kitty). Definitely give this show a chance if you are looking for some good laughs.
  2. One Tree Hill- I had my doubts before I started watching this show, thinking that it would be just another typical teenage drama, but boy was I surprised. The characters are relatable, real and there are certain moments that are heartbreaking or inspiring. I love this show.
  3. Friday Night Lights– Even if you aren’t a huge football fan, you will fall in love with this show. It takes place in a small town in Texas and centers around a high school football coach and his passion for the game.
  4. Friends- Everyone and their mother has heard about Friends, so why not take an afternoon to watch the entire first season?
  5. Mixology- This is a Netflix original series that currently only has one season. The season takes place over the course of one night and just goes to show how many people you can meet and connect with in a short period of time.
  6. Jane the Virgin- If you haven’t seen this show yet, stop what you are doing right now and get on Netflix! This is by far my favorite new obsession. The actress who plays Jane (Gina Rodriguez) won her first Golden Globe award this past year for her performances on the show. The show mimics a telenovela style so at times it can seem unrealistic but that is all a part of the master plan.
  7. The Office- My entire family loves this show, I have not had the opportunity to watch the entire thing through yet (all 9 seasons) but the episodes I have seen are hilarious. Great entertainment even for people who don’t work in an office.
  8. Gilmore Girls- I haven’t finished watching this show but the mother-daughter relationship portrayed is so genuine and the storylines are sweet.
  9. How to Get Away with Murder- I started watching this show this past year and the first season got me hooked! It is twisty, unpredictable and super interesting. Not to mention that the lead actress Viola Davis does a spectacular job.

    When people tell me they don’t like HTGAWM
  10. Switched at Birth- This show is a simple and adorable ensemble. I love the strong family values and on screen chemistry between the characters.

Which TV shows have you been obsessed with on Netflix? Let me know in the comments!

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