Why Do We Fear Letting Others In?

Do you ever question why we keep our true feelings hidden? Why we sometimes say we are fine when really every day is a struggle? Why we worry that others won’t understand or care to listen to our daily lives?

It can be hard letting others in on our true feelings and thoughts. 

I think we have all struggled with our image at one point or another. We question if we are worthy enough. We question if what we are feeling is “normal”. We ponder if others even care to hear our side of the story. 

This mentality can be hard to ignore, especially when the thoughts keep coming back into our minds. We also worry about being a burden to others.

However, let me tell you that there are people in this world that DO care what you have to say. 

These are the people who stay by your side even when things aren’t going the greatest. They are the people who encourage you to do the best you can because that’s the only way you will live up to your potential. They are the people who can spend hours listening to your every word and instead of thinking about what they will say next, they truly understand your perspective.

Life can be stressful, overwhelming and hurtful.

But it also can be enriching, freeing and soothing.

I encourage you to fight the urge to hold back how you are really feeling. 

Are you stuck at a job or an area of study in school that doesn’t make you happy? Say something. Do something. Change it. 

Do you miss your parents but haven’t had the chance to call them because you’ve been too busy? Say something. Do something. Change it. 

Do you want to tell a person you care about that you are really struggling and you don’t know what to do? Say something. Do something. Change it. 

As cliché as it sounds, this life is too short to leave important words unsaid. I can promise you that moment you decide to truly show yourself to the world, you will be rewarded with an unbearable weight being lifted off your shoulders. It is draining trying to act or be something that you don’t feel inside.

So, my challenge to you is to go out into the world today and portray the person that you are. Don’t worry about what others will think of it, because if they don’t stand by you than you know they aren’t the kind of people you need in your life. True relationships are formed on the basis of knowing each other for all the flaws, imperfections and misfortunes. These qualities are what make us human, and in my opinion, the parts that make us beautiful.

Remember that you ARE worthy enough, you are IMPORTANT and your story is VALUED.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant week and here’s to living a more truthful life.

Worry less and smile more. 


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