A Day of Dancing

Alright friends get ready to read all about my crazy dancing Saturday! It is funny when I think back on the past few years of my life. If someone had asked me to dance when I was 15 I can honestly say that I would immediately feel embarrassed and would quickly reject the invitation.

However, that is not what life is about! Life is about dancing with your friends and living in the moment regardless of if you think you are a bad dancer. 

So that is exactly what I have done recently!

Starting early in the morning Saturday, my friend Ronnie and I went to the Unlimited Dance Marathon here at the U. The dance marathon is hosted to raise money for children fighting cancer at the local hospital here. We both felt extremely fortunate to be able to participate in such a great event and plan on participating again next year.

As if we didn’t already get enough dancing in on Saturday, following the marathon we decided to go to the Holi (pronounced “holy”) celebration hosted by our campus’s Indian student group. Before this year I had never heard of Holi before, but now it has officially become my favorite holiday! Holi is celebrated in Hindu religion as the festival of color. So what would be a festival of color without some messy color chalk being thrown everywhere?

It wouldn’t be!

It was such a beautiful day outside on Saturday and the celebration was thrown right by the Mississippi River on campus. There was a hired DJ and everyone was gathered together, dancing, laughing and having a good time. It is a time to spend with friends and loved ones while getting color thrown on you and sprayed with water. There is something so beautiful about living in the moment and gathering together with some other beautiful souls for a short period of time. 

Here is what my friends and I looked like pre-Holi celebration:

And after…

One of my favorite things about going to the U is the ability to experience and try different aspects of other cultures. This definitely was an experience that I will never forget.

My friend Ronnie captured this picture of my sick dance moves (Ha just kidding!)
Sometimes you just need to laugh and dance and let loose

After the festivities, my friends and I met back up with our other friend Michelle and decided to take a picture together by the Goldy statue (because that it what you do if you go to the U!).


It is crazy to think that in just a few more weeks we will be done with our first year of college together! It seems like just yesterday we were taking our Welcome Week picture in the exact same spot.

I guess my main point in making this post is to remind each of you to take advantage of unique situations and opportunities that come your way. These experiences make your life fulfilling, rewarding and oh so wonderful. 

Thank you Ronnie for capturing this picture of me in complete bliss

Hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend!

Worry less and smile more. 


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