The Tofu House


Hello friends! Sorry for the lack of posting these past couple of weeks- life has been incredibly busy as I am wrapping up my last few weeks of school for this semester.

A week ago my friends and I decided to go try this quaint little restaurant located close to our dorm called The Tofu House. Ever since I went vegan for a few years I have been a lover of tofu so of course I was psyched to go and see what this restaurant had to offer.

The experience was very different from any restaurant I had ever eaten at before. First we were seated and placed our orders (as usual). My dear friend Ronnie and I both ordered octopus tofu soup.

To our surprise the food was brought out in steaming hot pots and placed in front of us along with some different vegetables to stir into the broth.


Life is too short to not try octopus.

Then, to our surprise the waitress held out an egg and instructed us to crack it into the boiling pot of broth. We followed her advice and soon the egg was poached beautifully inside the soup. Yum!


My other good friend Amber tried the pork and she let me sample it, which I must say was pretty tasty!


The Tofu House was a really cool and unique experience, I am so glad that my friends and I tried it out! Every now and then we have to take a break from the traditional dorm food and this was definitely tantalizing for the tastebuds.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Smile more and worry less. 


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