Dances, Operas and Art

This past weekend has for sure been an eventful one! It started off Saturday morning when I went to my younger sister’s first dance competition of the season. She of course did fabulous as always- her grace never fails to well tears in my eyes.

Her group dances ended up placing very well at the end of the competition. Although dance competitions can get long at times, I couldn’t miss an opportunity to see my favorite (and only!) sister perform.

Me with the talented performer herself!

Later Saturday night, my friends and I attended the Three Penny Opera (a play put on by theater students here at the U). To our surprise, we found that the show was not truly an Opera but a play; nonetheless the experience was new and something that we hadn’t done together before! I look forward to being able to go to more university productions in the future.

Don’t mind me not looking at the camera!

By the time Sunday rolled along, I had a lot of homework to catch up on due to my procrastination over the week. But when I woke up to see a beautiful sunny day and 60 degree temperatures, I just couldn’t stay inside the whole day. My lovely friends accompanied me on the short walk to the Weisman Art Museum, located on campus.

I have been to the Weisman before but their new spring exhibit “Clouds” just opened about a month ago and I had been dying to go check it out!
It definitely did not fail to amaze me! The star of the exhibit is a floating cloud display filled with lightbulbs that you can flick on and off (pictured above). Being inside the Weisman is inspiring and art insights so much joy in my heart.

The museum also has brought in a few new pieces that I found especially appealing:

I especially love these piece done by Andy Warhol.

This weekend was exactly what I needed in order to cope with the stress of midterms before spring break (which is next week! Hooray!). It served as a reminder that in times of stress, stepping back and having fun can really help clear your mind.

Worry less and smile more. 


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