Dorm Room Tour

I have wanted to do a dorm room tour for a while now, but 2 things were holding me back:
1. Having to tidy up my entire room in order to make it “picture perfect”.
2. Once all the pictures were taken, going through and editing all them!

Before we get started, I would just like to note that I have a single room so all the items in the room are mine and this room was made for one person!
We have a lot of pictures to get through so I may as well jump right into the tour!

First you must enter my room:

My lovely friends like to doodle on my board when I’m not around! (I love having a whiteboard because it’s a great way to spread positivity!)

And here is the first view of my room:

Some closer up views of my often bed and futon:

And here is my fridge, microwave, coffee maker and blender:


Next to the food I have a shelving unit where I keep my cups, cleaning supplies and of course food:

Almost all the art hanging on the wall was done by yours truly.


Next comes my desk and school supplies area:

I recently purchased stickers to decorate my computer with


My beta fish named Goldy.


All the items hanging up in my room were hung with either command strips or duct tape!Β 

My window area is where I keep my plants and picture frames:

Note the College of Liberal Arts pennant in the corner (Represent!)


I am in love with each of my delicate plants.

Next comes my lofted bed with the futon underneath:

Shoutout to my grandparents and my cousin for giving me the christmas lights that I have hung around my room! (I barely ever use the fixtures that came with the room)
I take posters off of the billboards on campus and use them to decorate the wall by my futon. The decal above my bed is from Target and the pictures were taken on trips I’ve been on with my family!Β 


After a long day, coming back to my futon is a blessing!

Here are some shots of my bed and the decorations around it:



Next comes my built in closet and the vanity attached to it:

I decided to display pictures of/with my college friends here!


Where all my clothes are hidden!

And here are some more pictures for your enjoyment:

And that’s pretty much it folks! Thank you for taking the time to see the cozy little room I have called home for the past 7 months. I hope you come again soon.

Life hack: put a command hook on or near your door so you can hang your keys and you will always be able to find them!

I must say that it took a lot of work and time to get my room into the shape it is today (which is a little disheartening knowing that I will be moving out in a few months). However, I think it is very important to make a space feel like your own (especially in college!). Therefore, I have no regrets when it comes to designing my space.

Happy decorating!







Worry less and smile more.Β 

36 thoughts on “Dorm Room Tour

    1. Hey Lauren, the fridge and microwave did not come with the room (unfortunately!). However I do know that the University of Minnesota does sell them to students, but I’m sure there are also good deals online or in stores. I can’t speak for other colleges, but at the University of Minnesota I believe a single room is fairly easy to get if you put it as your top choices on the housing application. I know that this past year the housing committee was swamped with applications so they ended up putting people who had requested double rooms (aka me) in single rooms! πŸ™‚ I hope that helps!


  1. Hey Audra!! I found your room tour after nervously looking up single dorm inspiration. I was placed in a single dorm even though I never requested one, and got separated from my requested roommate. I am going to the U of M this fall and noticed you also go there!! Do you mind telling me what dorm complex your single dorm was in? Im trying to get a feel for the size of my future dorm!! Thank you!


    1. Hey Mackenzie! I am glad that you stumbled across my post! I am super excited that you are also going to the University of Minnesota (as you probably can tell I could gush about it for hours on end!) These pictures are of my single room in Centennial hall. I would also like to note that out of all the single rooms in Centennial, my room was one of the smaller ones (they are pretty roomy if you were placed in Centennial) Let me know if you have any more questions I would love to answer them for you!


      1. Thank you so much!! It’s a relief to know you were in Centennial! It gives me a good idea about what my room will look like!

        And last question! I love your futon idea and I really wanted to do that! So where did you get your futon and how pricey was it???

        Thanks again for everything!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I actually got the futon from a family member so I will have to ask her where she purchased it from! I will say that I absolutely LOVE this futon. It is so comfortable and lays out to be almost the size of a queen bed. And you are so welcome! If you ever have more questions don’t hesitate to contact me again.


      3. Update on the futon- sounds like the original owner bought it from Slumberland! Not sure if they are still selling it but definitely something to look into.


  2. Hey Audra! I got placed into Centennial Hall for this coming fall! I was wondering if your room is big enough to have the futon on one side of the wall and ur bed on the other if your bed isn’t lofted!


    1. Hey Kendra, I would say yes you can definitely fit a futon on the opposite side. You would have to rearrange the desk but there should be ample space to do that (I would especially say yes if your futon is smaller than mine was!)


    1. Hey Holly! I am excited that you are transferring to the U! This dorm is Centennial hall which is one of the oldest on campus but they have kept the rooms in pretty nice shape. I had a single room which I absolutely loved! If you are interested I also have another dorm room tour post about living in a double room in 17th avenue. The link is here if you want to check it out: thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have more questions!


  3. This is really strange but I know the girl who lives in your room now!!! I guess I’m a year younger than you and live in the same res hall. I recognized the desk and poster immediately!!! When I saw your view from the window I knew exactly which room you had!! (This is so creepy sorry) I actually live across the hall and down a little. A pipe just burst in the girls room! it was so cool to see this on Pinterest and know exactly where it was. Love how you decorated it!


    1. Hey Madeleine! No worries you aren’t being creepy at all! That is super cool that you have that connection of knowing where my old room was! I hope you have been enjoying college so far! And yikes- they always warned us about those pipes bursting when it gets cold! And thank you- I really enjoyed decorating it! πŸ™‚


    1. Hello Yasmine! I had my bed lofted and put a futon underneath the lofted bed. Usually this is an option if you are in the USA and go to a university. Hope that helps!


    1. I got it from a family friend but it sounds like the original owner bought it from Slumberland! Not sure if they are still selling it but definitely something to look into.


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