Happy Plants, Happy Girl

Are you feeling sick of winter yet? Craving a vacation away? Well search no more! Simply add some succulents to your home (or if you are me: dorm room).

This past year I have acquired some new baby plants to add to the decor of my space. The purple plant on the right is an African Violet and was given to me by my wonderful mother as a move-in present:

My next addition was given as a Christmas present. A few weeks before the holiday, I was researching good plants for people who have little time to take care of them and came across air plants, (otherwise known as tillandsias). These plants have no root system so they don’t require dirt! They simply must be watered once a week. They are super cool looking and remind me of something out of a fantasy film.


Then yesterday, the U hosted an event titled “Snacks and Succulents” where students could go for some free food and a free succulent! My friends and I of course had to attend! (We are always up for free events). Below is the newest member of my mini garden in my room. My particular succulent is a Portulacaria Afra. I didn’t have a pot to put it in so for now the mason jar will have to do, but I love the simplicity of the plant.



I also picked up a new succulent at IKEA when I was there with friends! The best part about IKEA is that their plants are super cheap (3 dollars!) and they also have cute pots that range from 1-2 dollars.

Pictured above is my new Haworthia Concolor.


I am convinced that plants bring a cheerful and natural energy to any space. So even if you will be stuck in a cold state for a few more months, consider adding plants to your home. And before you know it, the atmosphere outside will be as pleasant as the space you have created in your home. 

Worry less and smile more. 






4 thoughts on “Happy Plants, Happy Girl

  1. Your purple flower is an african violet. I love this type of flower, a love rooted in nastalgia. I cannot remember a time when my mom did not have at least one african violet in the house. Some winters found these pretty flowers thriving and happily blooming while other winters found them barely clinging to life – eventually we discovered which area of the house allowed for more thriving and less dying. Plants can definitely brighten a dreary winter day!

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