Exploring Minneapolis Public Library and Downtown

This past Friday, I forced myself to get out of my dorm room and go on a mini exploration around downtown Minneapolis with a friend of mine. I find it funny that I have lived in a suburb of Minneapolis my whole life, yet hardly know anything about the downtown area! (Sometimes I meet people from other states who know more about the venues and activities here than I do!)

Anyways, we came upon this super cool mural, which I believe was completed pretty recently. I am so impressed with people who have the ability to create art on such a large scale.

To give you some perspective on how massive this mural is!



We ended up walking around Nicollet mall area and found ourselves inside the Minneapolis public library. 


The library is absolutely stunning. Glass windows serve as the walls of the structure and the study spaces are inspiring. If this library was a little closer to campus I probably would find myself there every day.


After wandering around a little we stopped at a Caribou for some coffee. I am thankful for these days where I can escape my school worries for a few hours.

Worry less and smile more. 


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