Favorite Study Spots at the U

A few weeks ago, I decided to go exploring around campus to find some new study spaces. When it comes to studying, I can pretty much work anywhere as long as the noise level isn’t too obnoxious. I like changing up where I study because that allows for variation in my life (and it find that some spots are better for working on certain things).

My favorite places for peace and quiet:
1. Walter Library
Not only does this library remind me of a scene from Harry Potter, but it is the ideal location for an absolutely quiet atmosphere. Plus there is a small coffee shop in the basement where I occasionally stop for a cup of joe before I force myself to work.

2. My Dorm Room
I know “they” say you shouldn’t study in your room (which I partly agree with because it can be distracting!) but some days I really like snuggling up on my futon and pouring myself a cup of tea.

3. Hasselmo Hall 
This is one of my favorite spots because it is not well known! (So shhhh don’t tell all your friends!) I don’t even know what the building is normally used for but there are quite a few study lounges and my favorite part is that there are huge windows everywhere which allow a lot of natural light in.
For spaces that are a little louder:
1. McNamara Alumni Center
This building usually holds alumni events but when it is not being used for an event you can find quiet areas to get work done. There also is a fireplace which warms my spirits in the dead of winter.


The architecture is beautifully designed which draws many design majors to work on their portfolios there.

2. Caribou Coffee in Moos Tower
I must say that when I have the choice between Caribou and Starbucks, Caribou wins every time! My favorite time to go to this particular caribou is before dinner time/ after dinner because if you try going in the morning you won’t find a place to sit! (I am especially particular because I like having a lot of space too).

3. Northrop
This building hosts all the theatrical and musical productions put on and sponsored by the University so it is obviously beautiful! There also is a café on the first floor for when I need a pick-me-up.

I am sure there are probably a million other great places to study or hang out around campus! I will have to keep you posted the next time I venture out to find a new space, but for now I am sticking with these lovely locations. 

Worry less and smile more. 



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