Getting a New Job

I am proud to say that I successfully have achieved part-time employment here at the U! Although I am not employed through the University, my job is located literally less than a minute away from my dorm. About a week ago, I was hired through a local lutheran church as a nursery worker! 

Which makes me feel like this:

Not only do I feel super fortunate to have this opportunity to work reasonable hours with my school schedule (Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings) but also to have the ability to reconnect with a spiritual institution here at school. I have only been working there for a week, but so far things have been great.

The church itself is very old and beautiful, and actually is certified as a Minnesota Historical Site. The services are also wonderful- everything I am looking for in a church- they are inclusive of all people (not just those who are affiliated with the christian community). The church is much smaller than what I am accustomed to from back home but at the same time is refreshing because I will get to know a smaller group of people (something that is at times hard to find going to a University with 50,000 students).

Essentially, I am just so happy to be working with an organization so close to my home and school as well as in an area where I know I am making an impact (even if it is small!).

I haven’t worked in over five months so I figured it was time to get back out there in the job market. I look forward to growing stronger in my faith and also with the tight-knit community at this particular church.

As I look further into the future, I hope to connect more with the college student ministries within the church and hopefully be able to participate in more volunteer opportunities or mission trips. 

I thank God for guiding me in this direction.

Worry less and smile more. 



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