Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

Happy Friday lovelies! I hope everyone’s week has been going well (mine has been busy, busy as usual!). Luckily, one of my closest friends here at school convinced me to take a study break and go check out Black Coffee and Waffle Bar in Como (a town that’s only a 10 minute walk from campus).

I had heard (and definitely seen!) about the infamous waffle bar many times before my visit. The restaurant is a popular location for artsy pictures and good eats. The building itself was much smaller than I had imagined, but I loved the minimalist approach in the decor. I ordered a strawberry cheesecake waffle (really healthy I know!). As well as a shot of espresso because caffeine is my best friend.

I have turned into one of those people who takes pictures of beautiful food.

The food and drink was a little pricey (not completely unreasonable) but I just loved the ambiance of the space. If I lived closer to Black Coffee I probably would find myself going there for a cup of joe and working on some homework or just enjoying the vibes.

Not to mention the fact that I got to spend time with my beautiful friend:

Isn’t she a dime?

Anyways, I would highly recommend checking out Black Coffee if you are in the area! It is quaint, local and beautiful.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Worry less and smile more. 


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