The Power of a Smoothie


For Christmas this year, I was very lucky to have received a new blender from my grandparents! I was mostly excited because it meant that I could start making smoothies in my dorm room. But when my mom and I were going through her old kitchen appliances we found an older model Ninja blender that she was no longer using. I didn’t want the blender to go to waste so I ended up returning the blender from my grandparents and taking the old blender from my mom. I figured I may as well use the older blender until it dies! P.S. Thank you grandma and grandpa- it’s the thought that counts!

My blender is an older Ninja and it works pretty well! It doesn’t always crush all the little seeds in berries but it does well at blending everything together. It also comes with individual serving cups and lids that you can use after you have blended your drinks. Ideal for a person on the go like me!

There are better, newer versions of the Ninja, but here is mine!

Anyways, I have found that having a personal blender in your dorm room is super easy and not much of a chore to take care of! On the days that I workout earlier in the morning, I always look forward to making myself a fresh smoothie! The basic recipe that I have been making is as follows:

  1. One banana
  2. About a handful of frozen mixed berries (I got my bag from Costco!)
  3. A little less than a cup of yogurt. (Fage is by far my favorite brand.)
  4. Fill the blender cup about halfway with some kind of liquid (I have been using water, but juice or any kind of milk will work!)

I then simply screw on the blade, blend it all together and wallah! You have a wonderful, delicious and simple smoothie to get you going. In the future I am hoping to experiment with more ingredients and try some more recipes but for now this one is getting me by.

This may just be psychological, but I swear that I focus better after drinking a smoothie. Whatever it is, it’s working for me! 

My lovely study space. 
So blend away my friends!

Worry less and smile more. 



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