Hello Junior Year of College

A few days ago I met with my academic advisor because I wanted to touch base since this past week was the start of a new semester. After discussing the classes I am taking and possible future logistics (such as study abroad, internships and other cool opportunities) he dropped the bomb that I have officially entered my Junior year of college! (Credit-wise anyways) Thanks to my many AP and CIS credits, I was able to come into college as a Sophomore and after my last semester, I have officially reached Junior status by having 60 out of my 120 credits completed! 

I am thankful that my high school provided so many opportunities for students to get college credit. Let’s face it, college is expensive and for many students financial aid isn’t enough to help them succeed. I was very fortunate in the fact that many of my CIS (college in high school) classes were taken through the University of Minnesota, so those credits already appeared on my college transcript when I arrived. As for AP classes, yes they are difficult and the AP tests are also a doozy but they are for sure worth it! Even if you don’t end up getting the credit for the class, they really do help prepare you for what college classes will be like. (Trust me, I would be way more stressed right now if high school hadn’t prepared me so well.)

So many people have been asking me if I will graduate early due to my current credit standing. To be honest, I am not really sure yet! I understand that the longer I am in school the more money it is going to cost, but at the same time, I love being here. College has been the best experience of my life and I don’t think I will ready to be done with it in four years (let alone a year and a half!).

While I do have some very challenging classes coming up, I want to focus my next three years on gaining more experiences. Traveling abroad, partaking in internships, volunteering, on campus research and job experience are all things that I want to be able to put on my resumé! I mostly dream of traveling to places far far away:

But not this far away!

Another bright side about having so many credits completed is that it buys me a little more time to figure out exactly what direction I am going in with my life. (I am still undecided on majors and minors-luckily I still have time!)

One piece of advice I would give high school students is to challenge yourselves! Take a few college level classes! Trust me you will thank me later when you have more credits and feel better prepared for college level work!

I am feeling pretty good knowing that after Spring semester is over I will be sitting at 77 total credits. Not too shabby for a freshman.

So shout out to my high school for giving me free college education:

Worry less and smile more. 



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