A Day of Good Eats

Happy Friday everyone! I for sure have had a busy week, as many of you probably know I just began my Spring Semester of my freshman year! Which as you could imagine- is a very busy time!

Luckily, I was fortunate to have my wonderful mother pick me up for a quick get-together. It was really hard going back to school this week because thanks to my month break, I was (and still am) used to seeing my mom every day and now I am on my own again!

Mom and I decided to drive a few minutes out of Minneapolis and go to this really good restaurant called Good Earth in Roseville, Minnesota. This place is one of my favorites around the cities because their produce/meat is organic and mainly grown/raised locally. This wonderful little place also is known for its different types of tea! (Which of course I am always psyched about!)

I find it nice to start with a cup of spiced tea (the Good Earth specialty).

I can’t even begin to express how nice it was to see my mom! Even though we had only been apart for a week- we already had a lot to catch up on. Similar to the words of the inspirational Ferris Bueller:

We ended up doing the simple 3 course meal (which I would highly recommend!). It starts with a small salad and a bread basket.

I ordered the fresh cod and was thoroughly impressed with the depth of flavor presented in such a beautiful manner.


And for dessert: a beautiful array of fruit

While the food was delightful, the real treat was being able to talk in person with my mom. The first week of school is always a little-extra-stressful for me and she encourages me through it all.

The rest of my Friday was spent attending lectures and working on my pile of homework. That is until one of my lovely friends messaged me asking if I wanted to go and try a sushi restaurant a block from our dorm. I love sushi and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to spend time with her!

Haiku Japanese Bistro is located in the heart of campus and is a 2 minute walk for me! (Trust me during the winter this is even more of a blessing!) I went into the experience thinking the meal would be pretty pricey but was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere and decor inside the restaurant was hip and luxurious but the prices were as cheap as can be! I ordered 3 different sushi rolls and spent a grand total of $10! (Note: I did go for “happy hour” which is after 9:00 but even their everyday pricing is fairly cheap.)

Such a enchanting ambiance it was.

Probably the best part was that I didn’t finish all my rolls- you know what that means- leftovers for tomorrow! 

Overall, my day was a calm in the middle of a stress-filled storm. I am so thankful to have to have the ability to treat myself every now and then as well as spend time with people I care about!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Worry less and smile more. 




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