10 Things I Recommend Bringing to College

Since I will be moving back to my dorm tomorrow (I am so excited to get back on my regular routine!), I thought now would be a great time to mention a few items that I feel every college student should consider bringing with them to school! Note that these items are important in my opinion but feel free to bring whatever will bring you happiness! The first month of college can be hard adjusting to a new “home” and you will want things that will provide comfort!

  1. A filtered water pitcher. Sometimes dorm water can have a strange taste or not be treated specially to your taste bud’s liking. With a filtered water pitcher you can keep your water cold in your fridge and tasting fresh! I would recommend the Britta pitcher as it has worked out great for me and easily fits in my mini fridge!
  2. Shower shoes. I lucked out because my bathroom at school is newly renovated and in nice condition but even so I ALWAYS wear my flip flops when I take a shower. It is just more sanitary that way, plus flops are cheap so I see it as a good investment!
  3. Extra lights. These can be extra lamps or strings of christmas lights- whatever suites your style! My dorm has really harsh fluorescent lights so I typically just turn my other lights on and avoid using the built in light fixtures. This also helps give your room a more home-like feel.

    I love my christmas lights in my room.
  4. Futon. I know, it’s the classic college student furniture but it is such a nice item to have! I would recommend this especially if your bed is lofted because most days I end up hanging out on my futon when I am alone or have friends over- no one touches my bed but me! Plus if you ever want to have people spend the night, you have a place for them to sleep.
  5. A heavy-duty rug. I bought an outdoor rug for my dorm because I figured people would be walking on it all the time- which turns out was so worth it! If your floor isn’t carpeted, rugs help bring warmth to the room. If your floor is carpeted, it will help prevent you from staining or making messes on the actual floor (I will admit that I spilled a huge container of nail polish on my carpet at the beginning of the year! Thank God the rug was there to save me from an expensive fine)
  6. Lots of blankets. Maybe it is just because I live in Minnesota, but I am always eager to snuggle up with my blanket at the end of a hard day and relax. Not only can blankets add to the style of the room but they are so practical (and your friends will thank you when they come over for movie night!) Also: if you are interested in making a t-shirt quilt view my post here.
  7. Speakers. I am constantly playing music in my room (hopefully my neighbors don’t mind too much!) so having a good set of speakers is a nice amenity. My friends also always know when I am home because I have the tunes cranked.
  8. Photographs. This reminds me of the Nickelback song “Photograph” but honestly having some picture hanging or sitting out of friends and family really help if you are feeling homesick. I wake up every day and I am instantly reminded of people I love and care about.
  9. Stuff to hang up. I feel like a room is more like home when you have items hanging on your wall! I wish that command strips weren’t so expensive- but if you aren’t worried about the removal- I’ve found that duct tape works just fine! Find some art or a cool tapestry and put it up! Walls are meant to be filled even if this is just your temporary home.

    My walls are filled with things that make me happy!
  10. First Aid Kit and Medicine. Obviously you don’t need to bring your parents whole medicine cabinet but for sure keep some of the basic stuff like ibuprofen or Alka-seltzer. Bandaids are also a must- I didn’t think I would use them but ended up scraping up my feet during my first week of school so they came in handy! I think it is always better to be prepared.

So there you have it! I am sure once I am back at school I will think of many more important things that completely slipped my mind- which will probably result in another post!

Thanks for reading!

Worry less and smile more. 


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