What to Do With Old T-Shirts

Since I still had 2 more weeks before I have to return to college, my mother and I decided to take on a mother-daughter project. Our challenge: creatively do something with all my t-shirts from Pre-K to Senior year! Now we can’t take credit for the idea as it has been used many times but we ended up decided to make quilts using the t-shirts I have accumulated throughout the years! (We realized we would have to make three quilts in order to use all the shirts. THREE!) I consider myself to be a very sentimental person and I have a strong attachment to items that remind me of my childhood or past experiences. I couldn’t bring myself to part with these shirts even though I wouldn’t be wearing them anymore. The t-shirt quilt allows me to continue using the shirts and save the memories attached to them!

The process that we chose is actually fairly simple. First you measure out how large you would like each square of your quilt to be (and keep it standard). You then cut out however many t-shirts squares you need as well as the same number of square fleece pieces. You can select whatever fleece color you would like (we picked my home city’s colors!) After you have the shirt square and fleece square you pin them together and then sew a border to keep the two pieces together!

We cut out a piece of brown paper to use as a template to trace squares on both the fleece and the t-shirts. We then cut them out.
After you have both the shirt and the fleece cut into squares, pin the shirt onto of the felt so that it will stay in place when you start to sew it together!
My mother makes a beautiful seamstress doesn’t she?
Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.23.05 PM.png
Your stitches should be an even inch on each length of the inside of the square.

Hopefully you don’t face the difficulty mom and I had with the sewing machine (we couldn’t sew through both the shirt and fleece without trouble from the machine!) My mom came to the conclusion that the sewing machine couldn’t sew through vinyl so we had to sew around vinyl parts of the shirt design. This was the moment when we both realized:200.gif

Sorry for the nerdy Star Wars reference but I am newly obsessed with the saga!

In short we weren’t able to sew the traditional diagonal stitches across the shirts because of the vinyl, however this wasn’t necessary because I just wanted the shirt and fleece to stay together (which we did achieve!).

My wonderful mother worked on sewing the quilt pieces together and after a few hours I was thrilled to see final product!

The blanket once all the squares were sewn together!

In short, this project is fairly simple and the end results are great! I now have a practical way to keep my old t-shirts and was able to spend time with my mom. If you would like to see the complete tutorial that my mom and I went off of click here.

Happy quilting!

Worry less and smile more!  


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