◆◇New Years Resolutions◇◆

I know what you are probably thinking, “just another one of those New Years Resolution posts that you will never follow through with!” But I am here to prove you wrong! I am always up for a good challenge and I feel that setting reasonable goals for myself helps improve my life.


2015 brought many new challenges and beginnings for me. I graduated a trimester early from high school, got my first full time job, and started college at the U. I had to say goodbye to some people but also was welcomed by new faces. Being in college has been such an adjustment in itself (which I will have to address in a future post). However, I am eager to say that through it all, 2015 managed to be one of the best years of my life!

That being said, here are my goals I look forward to achieving in 2016!

  1. Planning my trip(s) abroad during my time at the U. I have a strong desire to study abroad this year or Spring of 2017 through the National Student Exchange program (probably to Hawaii). My Junior year I am thinking of going to Toledo, Spain in order to become more fluent in Spanish (I am proficient at the moment). I have been dreaming of traveling the world and I’m hoping this year will be the year I plan it out!
  2. Become more at peace- body, soul, and mind. I would love to take time everyday to self reflect and sit still in silence. I plan on reading more about meditation and adding it into my daily routine.
  3. Get on a regular fitness schedule. The past semester I was really lazy when it came to working out. This next semester (and year) I want to make it a goal to workout regularly, at least 5 times a week for at least 45 minutes a day. I focus so much better when I am able to get some energy out. Also endorphins make me happier!
  4. Drink at least 2 containers of water a day. Studies have shown that the majority of the U.S. population is chronically dehydrated- well not this girl!
  5. Eat to live, don’t live to eat. I have to keep my eye out for the right portion sizes at meals and make sure I am eating quality food (no freshman 15 for me!)
  6. Take the time to learn more about people. I feel that in this day and age with social media, it is easy for us to get caught up in our own lives to the point where we forget to see the lives of others. I am always working on understanding different perspectives.
  7. Use Spanish more outside of the classroom. Whether it be watching movies in Spanish or finding a really cool volunteering gig, I would love to be able to use my Spanish skills more.
  8. Read a book a month. I know my motivation to read a book will be low after having to read through textbook after textbook for class, but there are millions of books out there to learn from!
  9. Get involved in a volunteer organization. Not only would this help me for long term job opportunities but also as a way of giving back. I feel that as a society we forget how privileged we are and I would be honored to help the needs of others.
  10. Write once every 2 weeks on this blog! I have always wanted to make my own blog but have never followed through with it! Hopefully this year will be the year I do!

I am so excited for everything this new year will bring! If you have any resolutions you are excited for, be sure to leave a comment for me to see down below!

Thanks and remember to worry less and smile more!


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